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Jonathan Pitts artist studied fine art painting at Falmouth University in Cornwall. His art has maintained strong links with the area and he focuses on creating paintings of Cornwall that are specifically inspired by the dramatic coastal landscapes, in particular looking at the North Cornwall beaches, an area that has some of the best beaches in Cornwall. Jonathan’s acrylic paintings have been critically acclaimed with appraisals in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Artist Magazine, Artists & Illustrators magazine and online with the art blog for Jacksons Art Supplies.

Often creating paintings of the sea and employing the use of impasto painting with acrylics, Jonathan builds up his large paintings of Cornwall over many sessions:

‘I mix traditional acrylic painting techniques with ‘off the cuff’ unorthodox ones. I take this same approach to the tools that I use, I combine artists brushes with ubiquitous decorating and building tools. I like to move large areas of paint about, to sculpt it. The landscapes that I am drawn to are dramatic places. I feel that they require a robust physical approach to technique. I need to be physical with the paint to understand and to realise fully what it is that I am looking at and experiencing. That said, my paintings have many delicate layers that are carefully built up. Alongside thick passages of impasto paint you will find thin watercolour like washes.

I aim to achieve a balance between thick impasto and thin paint, between the strategically placed and the chance mark. Some marks are made very quickly to get the right pace and attack, the right shape. Some marks are considered for a long time before they are made. It is a push and pull between representation and abstraction. I like to take risks with my paintings, right until the last moments.’

After winning the 2nd prize at the Sunday Times Watercolour competition Jonathan’s ocean artworks have been in constant demand.  Jonathan exhibits his contemporary Cornish landscape paintings regularly; these paintings of the sea are for sale with Cotswold Contemporary which is located at 13 The Market Place in Cirencester, GL7 2PB and with ‘The Hook’ located at 37 Brushfield Street in London, E1 6AA.

Jonathan’s canvas artworks and works on paper are all made to a high professional standard. These acrylic impressionist landscape paintings are all framed and ready to hang as art for the office wall, or as art for the home. They are framed in bespoke hardwood frames that are finished in a variety of subtle satin finishes.

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