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Sponsorship at the Jutexpo Charity Ball.

Earlier this month I was invited by Jutexpo: Pioneers of the reusable bags market, to sponsor their charity ball. The ball was in aid of the Children's Liver Disease Foundation and the Blue Sky Autism Project.

The Children's Liver Disease Foundation:

Is a national charity dedicated to taking action against the effects of all liver diseases of childhood. They help support families and particularly children affected by liver disease, a lesser known health issue that affects thousands of children every year. Further information on the charity can be found here: http://www.childliverdisease.org/

The Blue Sky Autism Project:

The Blue Sky Autism Project (formerly Speur-Ghlan Early Intervention Service) is a unique Scottish charity providing individualised programmes of therapy to young children experiencing developmental delays, including (but not exclusively) autism spectrum disorders. Further information on the charity can be found here: http://www.earlyinterventionscotland.org/

The sponsorship board at the Jutexpo Charity Ball. © Tom Beynon Photography.

My painting on sale at the auction, the painting sold on the night, all proceeds went to the Blue Sky Autism Project and the Children's Liver Disease Foundation.

Sunset Winter no.5.

Acrylic on canvas

30 cm x 90 cm

#Charity #Auction #Acrylic #Sunset

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