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New collection of Cornish coastal paintings

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Jonathan Pitts painting plein air on the beach at Duckpool in Cornwall. Jonathan is using watercolours and acrylics.
Plein air painting at Duckpool in Cornwall.

A new series of 'plein air' paintings made on the beaches and cliffs of Cornwall. Featuring works on canvas and on paper. This is a collection that I will be adding to over the coming months. These paintings below were made near Bude in Cornwall. They are all available to purchase from

Approaching high tide, Northcott

Acrylic on canvas

The tide washes over my feet at Northcott

Mixed media on paper

The tide washes over my feet, Northcott

Acrylic on Canvas

Watching the tide come in, Northcott Mouth

Mixed media on paper

In the low tide, Duckpool

Mixed media on paper

Breezy at Northcott Mouth

Acrylic on Canvas

Tide racing into the cove, Duckpool

Mixed media on paper

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