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Painting Diary – December 2011

Painting on the Thames floodplain in a large sprawling meadow.

The sunsets seem to last all day at this time of year. Orange Yellows and pale purples. The moon noticeable more than at any other time of year. Coldness there but not quite biting. Damp bark, dark and red hued against a pale blue sky. I am drawn to the speed that comes with the shortness of the day. I have to work that much quicker to join in with what’s going on. I make a lot of work that goes in to the twilight and right through to the dusk at this time of year.

Remembered moments;

14th – The wind catches a painting and wraps it around a Hawthorne. I catch it before the wind takes it to the river, surprisingly it’s unchanged.

– Beautiful sunset lasted 5 minutes then the storm came – an hour’s solid rain then darkness. Lost a piece to the rain. The clouds built up quickly opposite the setting sun in a rolling tower of deep purple and the rain raced across the field I was in.

21st – Charging dogs aim straight for me, sniff the paint, drink the water and wag their tails. The owner comes up behind telling me that they think I’m a fisherman with bait. I hold the wet paintings above my head whilst the dogs get bored and move on – this happens a lot.

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