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New Cotswolds Paintings

I have been working on a new project in the Cotswolds recently. I grew up in Evesham which sits just to the north of the hills. The skyline around the town is dominated by these hills. I spent a lot of time through childhood running down Fish hill and having family picnics. In my teens I trekked around and camped in the fields on Bredon Hill with friends. These are some of the first works that I have made in the project, I will be sharing more in the future. Please contact me via contact@jonathanpitts.com if you have any questions regarding the works.

Painting in the rain, I look at a distant Ebrington, dipping in and out of visibility in the passing rain.

Looking over at Chipping Campden, the church hides in the skyline.

The newly ploughed fields are pink in the autumn sun, big chunks of Cotswold stone are broken up with the soil.

Drying in the sun

The sunset approaching as I finish.

Behind a haystack I dry my half finished painting.

#Fishhill #Cotswolds #Evesham #BredonHill #Ebrington #ChippingCampden #autumn #PleinAir #watercolor

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