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Impasto Paintings of the River Thames – acrylic on canvas.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Two recent acrylic on canvas paintings of the River Thames near London. Both are 100cm x 100cm. They are about the evening light as the sun starts to set.

Using a myriad of acrylic painting techniques, I gradually build up the surface of these paintings to create subtle artworks. I like to use impasto acrylic techniques to add texture and to help to create the feeling of a three-dimensional space.

Blue is very important to these paintings, it is the colour of distance, a receding colour. One particular favourite I Specifically like to use is ultramarine blue, it is a key colour on my palette. A lovely warm blue that effortlessly shifts to violet. I like to mix a variety of warm blues and violets, heating them up and cooling them down as I go, much like the way a sudden flash of sun across the water warms things up or a cloud blocking the sun cools the scene.

I like to finish my canvas artworks with a professional artists varnish, I create my own bespoke sheen which helps to reduce the glare from direct lighting and protects the surface from the effects of dust. They are supplied with a cord on the back, so they are ready to go.

These are available through to view on Thank you very much for reading, please following the links to the singulart website, here you will be able to view and purchase these artworks. For any further questions please use my contact form.

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