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New Paintings Sent to The Hook Art Gallery in London

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Two new canvas artworks are now on display at the Hook a Contemporary Art Gallery in London. There continues to be a lot of interest in these large paintings of Cornwall, if you want to see them head this week to Spitalfields Market. Many thanks for looking :)

From the Hook's website:

'A landscape cannot be defined by lines and contrived marks. To capture the true beauty and spirit around us, as painters we must realise that the image of nature is made up of patches and washed of colour."

A graduate from Falmouth College of Arts and winner of the 2nd prize at the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, Jonathan Pitts paints landscapes 'en plein air' using heavy impasto paints.

With his palette knife, he shifts and sculpts the paint until he feels that he has captured the spirit of the surrounding landscape. Pitts works to a degree of abstraction; he is focused on exploring the landscape as a whole rather that its macro details. The result is a buttery mosaic of paint spread liberally on the canvas.

The Hook's Take: Jonathan Pitts' beautifully depicted landscapes are reminiscent of a summer sunset. The paintings transport the viewer's mind to warmer, summertime memories.

The Hook is a London-based art retail concept offering a selection of original fine art + limited editions. Start an art love affair.

The Hook is an art retail website and store based in London. At The Hook, we believe buying art shouldn’t be intimidating. We offer an edited selection of original fine art and limited editions from both emerging and established artists. You can shop however you want, through our online store or in one of our London spaces. Our prices are listed from the outset, and we offer artworks for a range of budgets. Our team would be delighted to work with you to understand your vision for your perfect piece. Your artwork can be collected from our store or securely delivered to you.

We’ll also support you throughout the entire process of buying your artwork. All of our pieces come hand-framed, using high-quality wooden mouldings. We can also recommend services if you need support hanging your artwork.

With a selection of contemporary art disciplines in our collection, each artist featured at The Hook has a unique story to tell.'

The Hook an affordable art gallery in london is located at 37 Brushfield Street in London, E1 6AA.

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